February 14, 2008

Sex Offender Registry and Sex Crime Search, News and Discussion

Sex Offender Registry and Sex Crime Search, News and Discussion


Welcome to SexCriminals.com

Our site's purpose is to provide information and resources for all types of people to become more educated about sex crimes, sex offenders and related topics. In addition, our forums and private messaging allow users to share their experiences, ask questions, get advice, receive support and discuss and debate related topics. Learn more about the site.

Find out about convicted sex offenders
Sex offender registries Find out how to acces sex offender registry information.
Megan's Law information Legislation, requirements, stats.
Law enforcement agencies Find police department and sheriff's office websites.

Recent articles from the News Archive
Thousands removed from Iowa sex offender registry
Lawmaker boots sex offender roommate
Supreme Court: 'Forgetting' to register unacceptable for sex offenders
Sex offender says Lunsford was still alive during police visit
Missing child Shasta Groene found with sex offender Joseph Edward Duncan
Law targeting sex offenders not enforced

Discussion forums
Victims' Corner For victims, their relatives and friends and advocates.
In the News Discuss articles from the News Archive.
Polls Comment on polls from the site.
General Discuss and debate issues.
More ForumsAdditional forums.

Recent polls
Should employers be required to conduct criminal background checks before hiring new employees?
Should private vigilante groups be allowed to conduct Internet sting operations to catch would-be child molesters?
When you think of a sex offender, what image comes to mind?
Would you like the United States government to implement a national sex offender registry?

Other site features
Resource directory Find educational, information and support sites.
Document libary Studies, papers and other dicuments covering relevant topics.
Books A directory of books about sex crimes, sex offenses and related issues.

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